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Yea so I just came back from McDonald's and OJ's house and it was a huge disaster.We went to the McDonald's in Freeport, but the line for the drive-thru was too long so we were going to the one in Roosevelt. Since we were going to stop at OJ's house anyway and we were passing it we went to his house.He was talking to my aunt and then decided he wanted to get money from Nequan. So he called nequan and he was like no,but OJ hd to keep it up. Nequan came outside and was still refusing to give OJ the money so it was whatever. Earlwin was outside and he lost Nequan's ipod so Nequan had to go over there and say shit but we were ready to go. I mean watching Nequan get all madd was fun in all but I was hungry. The Nequan was trying to talk to OJ about it but OJ was like 'yea,whatever can I get the $10'.Nequan got mad and said no and went in his house. I mean I can't blame him because he said that OJ ain't care and was just using him which in a way was right. I mean whatever, it's not my place to say anything. Well Oj went in his house and talked to him and about 25 minutes later they came out and got in the car. We went and got McDonalds. On the way back to Oj's house my aunt and Nequan had attitude's with each other and OJ was amping the whole shit. I mean he was really going hard.So in the end, my aunt kicked Nequan out the car but OJ was still acting dumb and being disrespectful so my aunt kicked him out the car.he gets out but talking mad shit as he's getting out. Then I get home and he im me talking bout some y'all was wrong and y'all had attitude's , making everything our fault but not his. I mean come on man up if your wrong your wrong. Then he tried to flip shit and make me the one that was wrong but I don't care anymore. He ain't ant there to be no us so I guess there won't be. he on his bullshit but shit I can be on my bullshit to.


May 2009

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