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the bullshit

The conversation me and OJ had online right after the McDonald's incident occurred...

Juice72888: that shit waz wrong
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: what shiit wuz wrong?
Juice72888: putin us out the car
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt put y`all out
Juice72888: yea but u wazrite wit her wit ur attitude
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt have an attitude
Juice72888: bullshit
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: until u started actiin stupiid ampiin shiit for no reason
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: shiit....u wuz wrong
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: cuz u got everybody tiight
Juice72888: really dont come see me no more and we wont have to wry bout that me and naughty goin stay on the block and u and ur aunt goin stay on urs
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: wow
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ur wrong for liik once and wanna stop all associiation
Juice72888: nah im saying u can act all shitty cuz u couldnt get ur food rite away i made a joke and im wrong fuck yall early
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt have an attitude then so ump ya brakesz && u wasnt jokin and u kno my aunt was gettiin madd so shouldve jus stopped early
Juice72888: u kno what dont wry bout us no more EARLY
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: u get madd && u hate me now
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: iit`sz whatever
Juice72888: i dont hate n e body im just goin keep my distace
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: shit....u was wrong and now u wanna keep ya diistance when thiis mrning niigga`sz loved me && wanted to get back wiit me
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: so was iit bullshiit?
Juice72888: no istop throw shit in my face it wasnt no fuckin lie but i dont have time for u and ur aunt attitudes mann shit iz gettin old
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: whatever OJ but iif we were ampiin && actiin stupid u woulde got an attitude
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: buut that wouldve been ok right?
Juice72888: why did u have an attitude nequan had one cuz of ur aunt and ur aunt had one cuz of nequan talkin to jackie so how waz dat my fault
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt untiil u started actiin stupiid liik fuck y`all && calliin us biitchesz...ur madd disrespectful for no reason...&& iit was ur fault because instead of leaving shit alone u wuz ampiin
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: u shouldve just shut up....iit aiint have shiit to do wiit u
Juice72888: yea u just lookin for somebody to blame for ya bogus emotions
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: whatever OJ.....call iit what u want
Juice72888: nuthin to say now when i got ur number than its watever
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: what am i supposed to say...u wuz wrong but still flipped shit so I would e the one to blame
Juice72888: see u came over here wit an attitude and then u just look for shit to get mad about and then blame anybody this is bullshit
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt have an attitude...u jus dont want to be wrong but whatever....ii mean u saiid arly y`all stay on stevens and well stay away rom it
Juice72888: then do it
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: whatever then


May 2009

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