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My sunday...

I mean I ha an okay Sunday. I did the usual...I went to church I mean.I had a good day because I think I looked pretty and I wore my high heel shoes that I never wear. I can walk perfect in them. I picked up Drea and she accompanied me and my grandma.It was enjoyable. I think she's going to end up coming with us a lot more because she really enjoyed herself. She was madd into it even though only maybe eleven people were there. You see what had happened was this lady in my church Yvette became a paastor and decided that she was going to go back to her old church and so them that she could become a pastor without them because they wouldn't give her the license. She took her usual group to go along with her and so that left me, my grandmother, Mother Coleman, Drea, the Haynes family, Deacon leonard, brother Rico and Uncle Rudy. We enjoyed ourselves anyway so it was whatever. After church me and Drea came back to my house and took madd pictures and updated myspace and shit like that because we both some fiends.We talked to Javon Finch and ramel and had some pretty good conversations. i found out that only reason that I couldn't be friends with certain people is because OJ told them that he ain't want us talking even on the friend level. Walking contradiction but I don't care because all that shit is over. We had an overall good time though. Then I imed Royal talking to him because everytime I call him he's not home. He said that he could come out here and to have a friend for his friend. When he got here I acted like I ain't see him and got in the car with my aunt. We ain't go nowhere but we were acting like we would've left at any scond. he called me and we were talking but he was getting tight because I was actting like I wasn't outside and shit and 'playing games' according to him. Then Drea got to my house and she started acting madd funny. She straight stunted on his friend but I don't blame her because he was madd concieted and for no reason. that nigga look worse than jared so i don't know what he was so concieted about.I ain't like his attitude. Drea ended up staying in my house and leaving me outside with Royal and his friend. We talked for a good ten mintues before my grandma made me come inside. This shit made me super madd because it was type grimy that I made them come all the way from Shadyville just to go back after like an hour of nothing. Drea first started fucking shit up when she called Royal Takeem. This got me super heated because it stopped him from giving me the fucking Prada's he bought me. I was super tight && hated the world. I went back in the house after I said bye madd as hell and I wasn't talking to anybody. Drea had fucked up royally and my grandma just made me madd because she made me come in. I got over it and ate some dinner. Then me and Drea went back into my room and did the myspace thing. Then me and my aunt dropped her off. After we got back, we called some people including Travis and Takeem and talked to each of them for a while. I mean me and Travis haven't had a real conversation since like fucking June of 2005. It was nice. We talked about everything. That's my nigga regardless of all the bullshit that surrounded him. Then I talked to Kizzle a little more until he had to go and didnt call me back. me and my aunt watched the movie from our Black History program at the church and had a good ass time making fun of people and laughing and going half retarded. We talked to Royal but I will make a seperate post about that one and then I went to my room to call it a night or that`s at least what I thought....


May 2009

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