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My day....

Today was the average day. I always have the average days. Nothing spectacular ever happens and that's very wack. I mean I can't complain though. I went to school and cursed out my vchemistry teacher because I was ttired from not getting any sleep and he was on that wwake up and do work bullshit but it's whatever. I went to sleep then I was going to cut English but when I was in the library I saw Mrs. Worrells ((my third period teacher)) so I snuck out the library and wrote myself a pass to get into class. The guidance counselors were giving us tips on good interview having. Then I went to Gym and my day went as usual. I mean nothing interesting ever happens. Then I came home and made m aunt take to me to Lena's so i could get a cheeseburger and some fries after I chaned her voicemail. When I got there, there were madd Atkinson kids in a big crowd. I saw madd hair in the air so I was like they fighting and they were. It was the little boy with the Dreads that always be around my block and some random poppy. See even the little kids don't like the poppy's. I think the little Dreadboy got his ass beat because he hair got pulled out a little bit and his nose was bleeding. That's not how it goes in the High School because the black people alway's win. Anyway's then I came back home and found out that my grandma wasn't coming home until seven and got a little upset because I could've made plans. Then I talked to takeem but that's another post and now I am here....(((siigh)))


May 2009

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