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Sooo today is memorial day and everything is cool. I spent last night with KP which is always fun, he wants to cuff really badd like not only did he tell me but I can tell by the way he was acting. Smhh, I wish my boyfriend acted like that but he doesnt. Anyway, today Im supposed to be going to Rosedale to Kenmo's bbq but I dont have a phone and I dont want to travel without having a phone but who knows, I may go. Im definately smoking and going to the movies with Butta & Twinny today. I havent seen Butta is soo long, we actually just started speaking again & I love steoh & have always loved her. This should be muy muy fun, lol. I have on a dress from Forever 21 and my gladiator sandals & matching bag. I look reallly nice like I could definately dress like this for the entire summer. This week, Im going on a job hunt then to Farrockaway, Brooklyn & Im spending the day with Tyree, if he doesnt front like he usually does. Hopefully I can find a good paying job in a camp soo I wont have to be madd hott at the beachh. Malique from Westbury stole my phone On Saturday while I was at Urith's house but its okayy like Im definately gonna have a G1 by Frida and get him beat up soo its nothing. I went looking for my grtandma's camera like I hope he doesnt have it like I hope she just took it & put it away..I pray to GOD but I dont think he took it..Its gonna be an amazing summer like deadass once I start working because my grandparents pretty much let me do whatever I want & all Id have to do is work & shop. The summer is mine soo Im madd yhype, let the festivities began..lol
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May 2009

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