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May. 25th, 2009

(no subject)

Sooo today is memorial day and everything is cool. I spent last night with KP which is always fun, he wants to cuff really badd like not only did he tell me but I can tell by the way he was acting. Smhh, I wish my boyfriend acted like that but he doesnt. Anyway, today Im supposed to be going to Rosedale to Kenmo's bbq but I dont have a phone and I dont want to travel without having a phone but who knows, I may go. Im definately smoking and going to the movies with Butta & Twinny today. I havent seen Butta is soo long, we actually just started speaking again & I love steoh & have always loved her. This should be muy muy fun, lol. I have on a dress from Forever 21 and my gladiator sandals & matching bag. I look reallly nice like I could definately dress like this for the entire summer. This week, Im going on a job hunt then to Farrockaway, Brooklyn & Im spending the day with Tyree, if he doesnt front like he usually does. Hopefully I can find a good paying job in a camp soo I wont have to be madd hott at the beachh. Malique from Westbury stole my phone On Saturday while I was at Urith's house but its okayy like Im definately gonna have a G1 by Frida and get him beat up soo its nothing. I went looking for my grtandma's camera like I hope he doesnt have it like I hope she just took it & put it away..I pray to GOD but I dont think he took it..Its gonna be an amazing summer like deadass once I start working because my grandparents pretty much let me do whatever I want & all Id have to do is work & shop. The summer is mine soo Im madd yhype, let the festivities began..lol
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May. 20th, 2009

I found my long lost lovee!

I found a website that hass all the degrassi episodes from the first season to sean six & a half of season seven. Im about to go off like I missed out on soo much when when I touch down in NY, its a wrap for my laptop battery.. Im going in with major fucking DEGRASSi!!

This emo feeling in my heart..

Yea soo, I come home for the summer today from college. Ive been really excited for this since like two months but now its just like whatever, I dont really care. Im trying to find a job soo I can shop and not have to ask my grandparents for shit. Hopefully I can just live my summer as planned. All I want to do is work and spend money and party and shit of that thought..Im going to try my hardest to enjoy the fuck out of my summer but obstacles such as my grandparents are going to get in the way. I have set goals for myself soo I know that my summer should be prosperous. There shouldnt be a dull moment in it but we all know how that goes, especially now since I dont have a job. SMH, shits getting gloomy already but its cool. Im just going to pray ad keep to myself; pretty much..

Get a job..
Sign apartment lease..
Get a car..
Start new wardrobe..
Buy 5 designer bags..
Buy 5 pairs of pradas..
Buy 3 pairs of Gucci's..
Buy my own camera..
Fully furnish my apartment

May. 18th, 2009

(no subject)

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Im Backk!!

Havent been here in awhile but I plan on changing that shit now =)

May. 22nd, 2006

My day....

Today was the average day. I always have the average days. Nothing spectacular ever happens and that's very wack. I mean I can't complain though. I went to school and cursed out my vchemistry teacher because I was ttired from not getting any sleep and he was on that wwake up and do work bullshit but it's whatever. I went to sleep then I was going to cut English but when I was in the library I saw Mrs. Worrells ((my third period teacher)) so I snuck out the library and wrote myself a pass to get into class. The guidance counselors were giving us tips on good interview having. Then I went to Gym and my day went as usual. I mean nothing interesting ever happens. Then I came home and made m aunt take to me to Lena's so i could get a cheeseburger and some fries after I chaned her voicemail. When I got there, there were madd Atkinson kids in a big crowd. I saw madd hair in the air so I was like they fighting and they were. It was the little boy with the Dreads that always be around my block and some random poppy. See even the little kids don't like the poppy's. I think the little Dreadboy got his ass beat because he hair got pulled out a little bit and his nose was bleeding. That's not how it goes in the High School because the black people alway's win. Anyway's then I came back home and found out that my grandma wasn't coming home until seven and got a little upset because I could've made plans. Then I talked to takeem but that's another post and now I am here....(((siigh)))

My sunday...

I mean I ha an okay Sunday. I did the usual...I went to church I mean.I had a good day because I think I looked pretty and I wore my high heel shoes that I never wear. I can walk perfect in them. I picked up Drea and she accompanied me and my grandma.It was enjoyable. I think she's going to end up coming with us a lot more because she really enjoyed herself. She was madd into it even though only maybe eleven people were there. You see what had happened was this lady in my church Yvette became a paastor and decided that she was going to go back to her old church and so them that she could become a pastor without them because they wouldn't give her the license. She took her usual group to go along with her and so that left me, my grandmother, Mother Coleman, Drea, the Haynes family, Deacon leonard, brother Rico and Uncle Rudy. We enjoyed ourselves anyway so it was whatever. After church me and Drea came back to my house and took madd pictures and updated myspace and shit like that because we both some fiends.We talked to Javon Finch and ramel and had some pretty good conversations. i found out that only reason that I couldn't be friends with certain people is because OJ told them that he ain't want us talking even on the friend level. Walking contradiction but I don't care because all that shit is over. We had an overall good time though. Then I imed Royal talking to him because everytime I call him he's not home. He said that he could come out here and to have a friend for his friend. When he got here I acted like I ain't see him and got in the car with my aunt. We ain't go nowhere but we were acting like we would've left at any scond. he called me and we were talking but he was getting tight because I was actting like I wasn't outside and shit and 'playing games' according to him. Then Drea got to my house and she started acting madd funny. She straight stunted on his friend but I don't blame her because he was madd concieted and for no reason. that nigga look worse than jared so i don't know what he was so concieted about.I ain't like his attitude. Drea ended up staying in my house and leaving me outside with Royal and his friend. We talked for a good ten mintues before my grandma made me come inside. This shit made me super madd because it was type grimy that I made them come all the way from Shadyville just to go back after like an hour of nothing. Drea first started fucking shit up when she called Royal Takeem. This got me super heated because it stopped him from giving me the fucking Prada's he bought me. I was super tight && hated the world. I went back in the house after I said bye madd as hell and I wasn't talking to anybody. Drea had fucked up royally and my grandma just made me madd because she made me come in. I got over it and ate some dinner. Then me and Drea went back into my room and did the myspace thing. Then me and my aunt dropped her off. After we got back, we called some people including Travis and Takeem and talked to each of them for a while. I mean me and Travis haven't had a real conversation since like fucking June of 2005. It was nice. We talked about everything. That's my nigga regardless of all the bullshit that surrounded him. Then I talked to Kizzle a little more until he had to go and didnt call me back. me and my aunt watched the movie from our Black History program at the church and had a good ass time making fun of people and laughing and going half retarded. We talked to Royal but I will make a seperate post about that one and then I went to my room to call it a night or that`s at least what I thought....

peniis game`sz...

Although I may not mention it as often as I could, and don't always show it in the little ways I should, no one else in all the world could love you as I do, and no one else could ever wish more happiness for you...... I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

:as long as hes happy:
the smile on my face may not be real cuz im tryin so hard to hide the way that i feel
the tears in my eyes that wont ever be cried ill keep pretending everythings ok on the outside
cuz as long as hes happy ill say nothings wrong and as long as hes happy ima say im movin on
ill just keep on smilin' as long as youre happy.

Love is... many things,
Love is... kissing that special someone,
Love is... letting your companion find your hand,
Love is... letting your heart beat with his or hers,
Love is... when your life stops when you are with your companion,
Love is... giving your life to someone
Love is... hating someone because they dont 'love' you back

May. 20th, 2006

the bullshit

The conversation me and OJ had online right after the McDonald's incident occurred...

Juice72888: that shit waz wrong
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: what shiit wuz wrong?
Juice72888: putin us out the car
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt put y`all out
Juice72888: yea but u wazrite wit her wit ur attitude
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt have an attitude
Juice72888: bullshit
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: until u started actiin stupiid ampiin shiit for no reason
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: shiit....u wuz wrong
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: cuz u got everybody tiight
Juice72888: really dont come see me no more and we wont have to wry bout that me and naughty goin stay on the block and u and ur aunt goin stay on urs
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: wow
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ur wrong for liik once and wanna stop all associiation
Juice72888: nah im saying u can act all shitty cuz u couldnt get ur food rite away i made a joke and im wrong fuck yall early
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt have an attitude then so ump ya brakesz && u wasnt jokin and u kno my aunt was gettiin madd so shouldve jus stopped early
Juice72888: u kno what dont wry bout us no more EARLY
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: u get madd && u hate me now
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: iit`sz whatever
Juice72888: i dont hate n e body im just goin keep my distace
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: shit....u was wrong and now u wanna keep ya diistance when thiis mrning niigga`sz loved me && wanted to get back wiit me
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: so was iit bullshiit?
Juice72888: no istop throw shit in my face it wasnt no fuckin lie but i dont have time for u and ur aunt attitudes mann shit iz gettin old
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: whatever OJ but iif we were ampiin && actiin stupid u woulde got an attitude
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: buut that wouldve been ok right?
Juice72888: why did u have an attitude nequan had one cuz of ur aunt and ur aunt had one cuz of nequan talkin to jackie so how waz dat my fault
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt untiil u started actiin stupiid liik fuck y`all && calliin us biitchesz...ur madd disrespectful for no reason...&& iit was ur fault because instead of leaving shit alone u wuz ampiin
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: u shouldve just shut up....iit aiint have shiit to do wiit u
Juice72888: yea u just lookin for somebody to blame for ya bogus emotions
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: whatever OJ.....call iit what u want
Juice72888: nuthin to say now when i got ur number than its watever
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: what am i supposed to say...u wuz wrong but still flipped shit so I would e the one to blame
Juice72888: see u came over here wit an attitude and then u just look for shit to get mad about and then blame anybody this is bullshit
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii diidnt have an attitude...u jus dont want to be wrong but whatever....ii mean u saiid arly y`all stay on stevens and well stay away rom it
Juice72888: then do it
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: whatever then

(no subject)

Yea so I just came back from McDonald's and OJ's house and it was a huge disaster.We went to the McDonald's in Freeport, but the line for the drive-thru was too long so we were going to the one in Roosevelt. Since we were going to stop at OJ's house anyway and we were passing it we went to his house.He was talking to my aunt and then decided he wanted to get money from Nequan. So he called nequan and he was like no,but OJ hd to keep it up. Nequan came outside and was still refusing to give OJ the money so it was whatever. Earlwin was outside and he lost Nequan's ipod so Nequan had to go over there and say shit but we were ready to go. I mean watching Nequan get all madd was fun in all but I was hungry. The Nequan was trying to talk to OJ about it but OJ was like 'yea,whatever can I get the $10'.Nequan got mad and said no and went in his house. I mean I can't blame him because he said that OJ ain't care and was just using him which in a way was right. I mean whatever, it's not my place to say anything. Well Oj went in his house and talked to him and about 25 minutes later they came out and got in the car. We went and got McDonalds. On the way back to Oj's house my aunt and Nequan had attitude's with each other and OJ was amping the whole shit. I mean he was really going hard.So in the end, my aunt kicked Nequan out the car but OJ was still acting dumb and being disrespectful so my aunt kicked him out the car.he gets out but talking mad shit as he's getting out. Then I get home and he im me talking bout some y'all was wrong and y'all had attitude's , making everything our fault but not his. I mean come on man up if your wrong your wrong. Then he tried to flip shit and make me the one that was wrong but I don't care anymore. He ain't ant there to be no us so I guess there won't be. he on his bullshit but shit I can be on my bullshit to.

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