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May. 20th, 2006

I dunno....

My day is getting boring. I got my printer working and I'm happy. that means that I can upload new pictures and shit and print work out and shit. I'm super happy about it. All I had to do was unplug and replug it back up. Anyway's I talked to gee-Zele today and she coming to the northside today so we gonna chill. She's going to the twin's house because they related and it's their cousins birthday. I'm glad we going to chill today since I alled Oj and he didn't pick up his phone. Me and him were supposed to go to this police picnic with his mom and little brother and sister. I was looking forward to it in a way since we haven't really chilled in awhile. Like I see him a lot but we don't chill. It's been like this since we broke up the first time. I guess it's part of my 'me' time so whatever. There isn't a lot I can say about that. I'm about to go to McDonald's because I'm hungry.

May. 19th, 2006

(no subject)

Sometimes when im alone
I cry because im on my own
The tears I cry are salty & warm
They flow with life but take no form
I cry because my heart is torn
And I find it difficult 2 carry on
If I had an ear 2 confide in
I would cry amongst my treasured friends
But who do you know that stops that long
2 help another carry on
The world moves fast & it would rather pass you by
Than 2 stop & see what makes you cry
It's painful and sad and sometimes I cry
but no one cares about why.

Eternal flame

One candle cannot burn all day,
One heart, one mind; will not exist forever.
But if love is introduced to the pair
Then hope will surely not despair.

Death creeps in at every waking moment;
Life blinds thee to the point of insanity.
But if love is introduced to the pair,
Then hope will surely not despair.

If love breeds hope, then hope breeds life;
And the fetter,
Which binds one’s soul together,
Can be broken by the flame of hope,
Which burns the candles of life and love.

For the two souls of life and death are more often than not,
In immense distraught.
But the shackles of despair and pain,
Can be broken by the flame of hope.

And if that flame burns throughout,
Then love and hope will coexist, no doubt.
Because, Death will shatter,
and Life will matter.

Live the phrase Sky's the limit

My day

My day was iight but something was missing I still don't know what it was but I just ain't feel right.I saw Oj today and he ain't look good...I guess he was tired because like five minutes later he was knocked out in the library. Kim got a sex tape out and I saw it. It was kind of boring but I guess nigga's liked it. ((American History X is the best movie ever)).Then I went to the rest of my classes. The average school day I guess you can call it. I came home and my grandma wasn't here but she came home shortly. We went to Micro center to get m y computer fixed because the USB cable plug outlet thingy was jammed. They said that their was like four in the back and we could use any of them. I got PhotoShop....kinda happy about it being I wanted photoshop so bad. I was playing wih it and it's fun. I just need to get my printer going so I could make stuff and connect my camera to it. I'm getting bored with camera phones but it's whatver. I went to Broadway Mall movies with Derry to see Over the AHedge nd it was a cute movie. It was about a racoon that stole from a bear and had a week to get it all back. he found a cute little family and.......you need to go see it, it's really good. It was madd funny and depressing and then happy again. My fucking finger was hurting the whole time((like throbbing and shit up my arm)) but as OJ would say I got over it. We chilled outside for a little bit and I got yelled at for leaning on the pole by the Haitian secrurity guard and the scene people and hispanic people were staring at me funny. They better stop before I hurt their feelings and get the deported.Derry's mom picked us up and on the way home we talked about why we hate hispanics and how they all should get deported or get jobs and pay taxes. Fucking immigrants((If ur not an immigrant I love you)).I got home and talked to Oj and now I'm depressed and gonna go now.....


Chyea so OJ broke up with me last night. He said that shit wasn't going anywhere but we just started going back out,give it some time. He came at me on some 'shit aint change' type shit so I'm like whatever because he obviously doesn't want to be with me because he keeps bringing up me and him not being right for each other. I mean he promised he wouldn't make me be alone and in his justification he's on that 'I'm right here when you need me bullshit'.I mean if you aint want to be with me just say the shit.Don't lead me on and don't say you love me. I understand you may have liked me but I'm not your type and I knew you would've just played me but I ain't think it was really going to effect nme like this.I'm all fucked up in the game but it's whatever.I mean it can't be something you don't want it to be. I may have said the words but you wanted it or you wouldn't have brought it up. I respect you....

May. 18th, 2006

(no subject)


01. Have you ever really cried your heart out?:

02. Have you ever cried yourself to sleep?:

03. Have you ever cried on your friend's shoulder?:

04. Have you ever cried over the opposite sex?:
yes....gesh....ii kno

05. Do you cry when you get an injury?:
Not really

06. Do certain songs make you cry?:
Some make me thiink && when ii`m sad ii cry

01. Are you a happy person?:

02. What can always make you happy?:
people telliin me they care

03. Do you wish you were happier?:
Hellz yea

04. Is being happy overrated?:
nope....not at all

05. Can music make you happy?:
at tiime`sz

01. Who do you actually hate?:

02. Have you ever made a hit list?:
Not yet

03. Have you ever been on a hit list?:

04. Are you a mean bully?:
To people I don`t liike

05. Do you hate George Bush?:
Nah....no beef


01. Do think you are good looking?:
Not really but at tiime`sz

02. Do you wish you could be someone else?:
Sometiime`sz or have certaiin aspect`sz of them

01. What is your current hair color?
dark brown

02. Whats your natural color?:
dark brown

03. What color are your eyes?:
dark brown

05. Straight Hair or Curls?:

01. What shirt are you wearing?:
A white shiirt wiit a yellow and blue t.v on iit...don`t watch me, watch TV!

02. Shorts?:

03. Shoes?:

04. Necklaces?:
Oj lost my nameplate

01. Rock or rap?:

02. Coffee or Hot Cocoa?:
Hot Cocoa

03. Wild night out or romantic night in?:

04. Chocolate or Vanilla?:

05. Hummer or Sports Car?:
Sports car

06. Bracelet or Necklace?:

07. History or Science?:

08. Sleep in or early to rise?:
Sleep iin

09. Beach or Boardwalk?:

10. Hoodie or Tee Shirt?:

11. Night or Day?:

12. High School or College?:

13. California or Florida?:

14. Love at first sight or learn to love?:
Learn to love

01. Hugged someone?:
Who hasn't?

02. Been on the phone unil the sun came up?:

03. Put a song on repeat for more than an hour?:

04. Laughed so hard you peed in your pants?:
yea but don't tell nobody

01. Person you talked to in person?:
Mah grandma

02. Person you talked to online?:
Latee a.K.a Young Jewelz.....mah best friiend

03. Person you talked to on the phone?:

05. Laugh?:
earlier today

01. Do you like surveys?:
at tiime`sz

02. What kind of shampoo do you use?:
Whatever tha beautiiciian uses

03. You get along with your parents?:

04. Do you have mental breakdowns?:
Nah.....not yet

05. Did you ever fake being sick?

01. Current mood?:

03. Current hair?:
Flat twiist iinto a ponytaiil

04. Current longing?

05. Current thing you ought to be doing?:
Nothiin iin partiicular

06. Current desktop picture?:
Dessert cliif thiingy

07. Current favorite music artist?:
Young Jock

mah 1st rap

pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii`m millz u miitch.....guess wat ii fucked ya biitch

pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: yea ii saiid iit iit`sz da truth...ii`m sayiin ii got proof

pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: she saiid tha d was wack couldnt get her off my sack so ii let her eat tha puss so she'd relax

Picture'sz of me...

free image hosting

Shawdii so Seductive...

free image hosting

Say cheese!!

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I`m innocent...SYKE

free image hosting

I`m cool!!!

Me and whitney actually talked and I aint threaten her

pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: y u say hi to me at annika`s sweet16 after u talked madd shit
xXCh3RRiieSzXx: uhm ii sed bye 2 u and ii wasnt talkn shit abOut u
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii meant bye but madd headsz was liik u was talkiin shit
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii mean even people ii aiint kno but u wuz wiith
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii wuz jus wonderiin
xXCh3RRiieSzXx: Oo na ii aint sey nuttn bOut u ii wasnt even wOrried bOut u
xXCh3RRiieSzXx: ii was jus Bein niCe even thO ii nOe u prObably hate me
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: o0o iight then....ii dont hate u
xXCh3RRiieSzXx: but ppL prob jus wanted sumthin 2 pop oFF
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: ii jus heard madd shiitt
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: but u riight
xXCh3RRiieSzXx: aiGh
xXCh3RRiieSzXx: like all dat shit dat happened was in da past... ii mOved On ii dont even give a shit nemOre
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: that`sz basiically how ii see iit but madd people stiill goiin hard
xXCh3RRiieSzXx: ppL odin
pORtkNoxbaYbEE15: basiically


Chyea so I was sitting outside with OJ and Nequan in Nequan's car and my cousin Tiffany drove by. I called her over to us and she started asking madd questions. OJ being the funnyman (chyea right) that he is said he was nineteen and Nequan was twenty-one. She was like 'Oh hell no go in the house' I was trying to tell OJ hat at that moment it wasn't the time to play because she was so serious. She kept yelling and shit and I guess Nequan was saying smart shit because Tiffany started going off on him and OJ was like shut up so he just got madd and was quiet. Then she called me back outside so I could talk to them because she was just playing but OJ had to keep the shit going with his 'I'm the king of everything' shit and that just made her more pissed. He don't care because he doesn't get in trouble but chyea I do. Then he kept the shit going and basically Tiffany just got all mad and shit and made me go back in the house and them leave. I mean I don't blame anybody but shit people need to learn how to stop playing sometime because yea if what you do doesn't effect you it effects other people.

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